Moonstone Island 'Lovely Cozies' DLC detailed

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06 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Moonstone Island won’t be coming to Switch until sometime in Spring 2024, but the PC version is getting both a free update and paid DLC. This content will eventually make its way to the Switch version of the game, so why not get a jump on the details now?

The upcoming Moonstone Island DLC, December Lovely Cozies, is a winter-themed festive feast of interior and exterior decor, including happy little snowmen, a fuzzy rug, a snowboard, icicles, and a gigantic, jolly snowman house to live in! The paid DLC will be cost USD 3.99.

There will also be a free content update that includes the following:

  • More Ice Spirits, at last!
  • Festive decorations
  • The ability to name your Spirits
  • A Spirit holding pen in the Science Center, so you don’t have to set any free
  • A craftable, moveable warp totem, so you can create a fast-travel point anywhere
  • Holiday lights that you can put on any tree

Spend a year on Moonstone Island tending to your farm, crafting potions, exploring over 100 islands in the sky, taming spirits, unearthing hidden temples, making friends, or having a sweet romance — play your way in our adorable, upcoming adventure life-sim!

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