Sky: Children of the Light 'Days of Feast 2023' trailer

A festive event best enjoyed with friends

06 December 2023
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The end of the year is headed our way, and that means it’s time to celebrate the year we spent together and the year that lies ahead. Days of Feast approaches, with friendly characters and new ways to zoom through Sky.

Beginning on December 18th and running through January 7th (all times PST, UTC -8), the Winter Courier and Bearhug Hermit Spirits will be staying in Aviary Village and welcome everyone into the event workshop, to be Sky kids’ guides for everything the event offers.

This year’s additions to the Feast fun and games: a new selection of races! Sit at the meditation circle in the event workshop, and it will teleport you to a realm in Sky where that day’s race is offered. Some of these are on snowy, icy slopes. But keep your parkour and flying skills sharp—other races call on other tactics besides downhill skiing. These races are just for fun, but if you’re collecting event currency, they’ll give you one snowflake-shaped currency each day that you complete one.

“That’s cool,” We hear Sky kids say. “But it would be cooler if I could make my own race course.” Fair point—so for this year’s Days of Feast, there’s also a prop to make your own course that you can access in the shop for in-game currency.

Set it up in the realms or even in a Shared Space (or for the daredevils, perhaps through the treacherous terrain of Golden Wasteland’s Graveyard area). Find this prop on the rack next in the event workshop.

This is a time of year for traditions, too, so the events in Days of Feast from previous years will be back, too: Grandma and Social Light in her cozy snow hut in Home, Skyball in the Dreams Village, and a mysterious Spirit leaving footprints around the Dreams Village with a known allergy to lower elevations—don’t stand too close when they sneeze, or you might feel the effects of a snowy transformation… And for Sky kids who can’t get enough ice skating, the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge is open to everyone and decked out in festive decorations.

You can find up to 5 event currency every day: four placed around Aviary Village, and one awarded after completing a daily race. These can be used to unlock two new IGC (in-game currency) items!

The race course prop isn’t the only item coming with Days of Feast this year. IAP and IGC items include:

  • Winter Pinecone Hair Clip: 19 event currency
  • Winter Feast Snowboard: 44 event currency
  • Course Creation Prop: 150 Candles

This prop will stay available even after Days of Feast ends

  • Cozy Hermit Boots: $6.99 (all prices USD)
  • Winter Quilted Cape: $14.99

All items from previous years of Days of Feast will return too—find them through the various Spirits who have arrived for the event, such as the Bearhug Hermit in Aviary Village, the Grandma Spirit in the snow hut in Home, and several staff Spirits in the Secret Area. (IAP can also be found in the in-game shop menu.) For more specifics about which items are coming back, see our patch notes from last year.

Free trial spells for all items are also on hand. Those are at the spell shop in the Forgotten Ark area, or in the Secret Area.

(Please note: the Feast Goggles will be available for 60 Candles, due to the lens effect added to glasses accessories earlier this year.)

Days of Feast runs from 00:00 December 18, 2023 through 23:59 January 7, 2024, and content is available to everyone who’s completed at least the 4th Season of Revival Quest. With familiar Sky traditions that welcome everyone to gather in, and new ways to enjoy the event with friends or even on a solo adventure, we hope it gives warm year-end memories for everyone who ventures through the realms. We’ll see you in the snowy skies!

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