Hello Neighbor 2 is getting a content update with Patch 9, and the trailer above gives a peek at what to expect with this revamp. We don’t know the Switch release date for Patch 9 yet, but here’s what you can look forward to experiencing once it arrives.

  • Visit a whole new area - the forest located on the outskirts of Raven Brooks. Trees, nature, birds, what more could you want?
  • Explore the church and adjoining graveyard! Looks a bit dilapidated though…
  • Recent reports of a strange cloaked figure seen lurking throughout the woods have been increasing of late. Might be worth investigating?
  • Discover State-of-the-art woodcutting technology! Great for planks, which are great for boarding up doors, which is great for keeping out unwanted Guests.

Surprisingly, this update has gotten not one, but two different trailers. You saw one of those trailers above, and now you can check out the second below.

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