The dozens of Sitting Cuties—restocked and now available at the Pokémon Center—are pretty incredible for small plush figures weighted with microbeads. For one thing, they sit, as indicated by the name. That might not sound like much, but it’s undeniably charming. And if you’ve ever had a busy day on your feet, having Sitting Cuties around might be the reminder you need to sit down and rest.

For another thing, Pokémon Sitting Cuties make adorable gifts and are just small enough to fit into a stocking, which is extremely useful this time of year. Looking for a noble protector for yourself or someone on your nice list? Pokémon Sitting Cuties would make for a perfect stocking stuffer.

With dozens to choose from, there’s a Sitting Cuties plush for every Pokémon fan in your life. For the buddy who loves Legendary Pokémon? Suicune, Zapdos, and Registeel. The spooky companion who’s still sad Halloween is over? Gengar, Cubone, and Sableye. And the pal who would love to excavate and cuddle a fossil? Omanyte, Relicanth, and Cradily.

So whether you’re looking for a gallant guardian, a courteous little gentleman, a cute addition for an empty shelf, or a stocking stuffer for friends and family—the Pokémon Center’s recently restocked Sitting Cuties plush are ready to serve. And sit.

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