Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the acclaimed historical action-RPG, will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch for all travelling knights, merchants, and monks in 2024.

Developed by Sabre Interactive and in collaboration with Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Royal Edition allows players to enjoy the epic adventures of Henry, a blacksmith destined for greatness, anywhere they are.

You’re Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Thrust into a raging civil war, you watch helplessly as invaders storm your village and slaughter your friends and family. Narrowly escaping the brutal attack, you grab your sword to fight back. Avenge the death of your parents and help repel the invading forces from your home.

The Royal Edition, available on both physical shelves and the Nintendo eShop in 2024, includes the complete game along with all DLCs – Treasures of the Past, From the Ashes, The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, Band of Bastards, and A Woman’s Lot.

Bohemia, a region steeped in culture and strife, awaits your presence. With the death of Emperor Charles IV, chaos reigns, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance thrusts you into a world torn apart by war, corruption, and discord. Wenceslas, the naïve inheritor of the crown, faces a ruthless invasion by Sigismund the Red Fox. Kidnapped and without a ruler, Bohemia is left defenseless.

Caught in the maelstrom, you join Lord Radzig Kobyla’s resistance to fight for the future of Bohemia.

Features Fit for a Portable Kingdom:

Massive Realistic Open World: Explore medieval Bohemia and immerse yourself in its majestic castles, vast fields, and lush forests.

Non-Linear Story: Solve quests in multiple ways, facing the consequences of your decisions. Challenging Combat: Engage in thrilling and merciless battles using distance, stealth, or melee. Choose your weapons and execute dozens of unique combos inspired by real-world sword fighting techniques.

Character Development: Improve skills, earn perks, and forge/upgrade your equipment.

Dynamic World: Your actions influence the world around you. From fighting and stealing to seducing, threatening, persuading, or bribing, every choice has an impact.

Historical Accuracy: Meet real historical characters and experience the genuine look and feel of medieval Bohemia.

As Kingdom Come: Deliverance graces the Nintendo Switch, it invites players to embark on an unforgettable journey through a historically rich and visually stunning world. Whether on the bus, at home, or during a lunch break, dive into the medieval realm and shape the fate of Bohemia wherever you go.

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