As if today didn’t bring us enough news on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, yet another deluge of details has arrived. In this round of info, we’re focusing on a slew of distributions, as well as a breakdown for the next Mass Outbreak and Tera Raid battle events. You can get details on all of that below!

Shiny Lucario distribution

  • now live
  • has the moves Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere, Bullet Punch and Ice Punch
  • obtained with the code: SH1NYBUDDY
  • runs until January 3rd 2024 at 23:59 UTC

Darkrai distribution

  • now live
  • has the moves Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis and Dream Eater
  • obtained with the code: NEWM00N1SC0M1NG
  • runs until December 21st at 23:59 UTC

Master Ball distribution

  • get a Master Ball from the Mystery Gift -> Receive via Internet
  • runs from December 14th through January 3rd, 2024

Baxcalibur distribution (Korea)

  • being distributed as part of the Pokémon Winter Festa on December 30th and 31st, 2023
  • will be caught in a Cherish Ball
  • comes with a Classic Ribbon
  • will have the moves Glaive Rush, Scale Shot, Icicle Spear and Ice Shard

Tera Raid Battle event

  • focuses on Dialga if you play Pokémon Scarlet
  • focuses on Palkia if you play Pokémon Violet
  • both are 5 Star Raids and you can only catch one per save file
  • runs from December 8th through 23:59 UTC December 21st. 2023

Mass Outbreak event

  • focuses on Flabébé, Litwick and Milcery
  • Flabébé can be found in Paldea
  • Litwick can be found in Kitakami
  • Milcery can be found in the Terarium
  • runs from December 8th through December 21st. 2023

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