Salt and Sacrifice has been updated to Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Weapon and armor balance

  • Slower weapon scaling and target damage increased.
  • Hyper armor added to heavy attacks for greathammers, greatblades, greatswords, and glaives, allowing them to withstand more poise damage before being interrupted.
  • Whip scaling and target damage increased.
  • Poison and Fungal weapon damage increased.
  • Tarcloth weapon buffs duration increased by 87.5%.
  • Wearing light armor and no armor adds a burst of stamina recovery per slot.
  • Buffed blocking of all weapons.
  • Buffed blocking of vanguards even more.
  • Greathammer sprint attack damage reduced but poise damage increased.
  • Various weapon damage and poise balance.
  • Increased fungal amulet effect.
  • Runic arts damage when using staves has been slightly increased.

Player balance

  • Endurance now adds additional poise per slot of heavy armor worn.
  • Being hazeburnt no longer decreases hitpoints. Instead, being guiltless (non-hazeburnt) increases defense and item find chance.
  • Players can now change their aim direction when not firing/throwing.
  • Flask drinking speed and healing speed has been increased.
  • Ladder climbing speed has been increased.
  • Antidote cures all poison on use.

Monster balance

  • Reduced juggle damage from monsters by 50% on subsequent hits.
  • Reduced poise damage of a variety of smaller monsters.
  • Ashen Congregant damage has been reduced.
  • Temple Highblade damage has been reduced.
  • Mages will only partially heal on player death or rest.
  • Reduced Kraeaxenar breath attack damage. Fixed damage type.
  • Reduced Electromancer homing bolt turn speed.
  • Trials of the Brave monster tiers are now agnostic of NG+ level.
  • Increased Salt + artifact awards from final boss.
  • Removed Candlebearer spawn outside of Worm That Does Not Die arena.
  • Various monster and minion balance tweaks to outliers.
  • Nameless who end up in a boss arena should quickly leave now.
  • Hazeburnt enemies will spawn together less frequently and no longer guard ledges forever.

Quality of Life

  • Hearthen flasks, haze decoctions, and ranged ammo will always replenish to max when restocking but missing materials costs will be deducted from current player silver amount at a 10% markup. Materials are still maxed if the player lacks the silver for the materials.
  • Stamina will continue to regenerate when sprinting outside of combat.
  • Skill tree hints highlight nodes for required class level and runic art abilities for the currently equipped weapons and armor.
  • Dying by falling will drop salt at the point the player jumped and not where they landed.
  • Defeating the final boss no longer locks the player into ascending to NG+.
  • Added inventory sorting.


  • Enemies no longer deal increased damage when cooperating with additional players.
  • Fast traveling will automatically bring along all ally players.
  • Dawnlight players will get a token when helping the host defeat roaming mages.
  • PVP bonus damage from items and buffs has been adjusted based on the target’s level.
  • Flasks are now scaled independently of other equipment.
  • Invaders and defenders will have a max of 2/3 * (Host’s Hearthen Flasks+1).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the 20-minute invasion cooldown to be much shorter.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause network players to desync in the Heart of Altarstone.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some players to be invisible to each other.

Misc Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where killing the Undone Sacrifice with a critical riposte caused issues.
  • Left stick aiming will no longer override right stick aiming.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not climb certain stairs when aiming, blocking, or attacking.
  • Fixed mouse aiming when the game resolution and game window size didn’t match.
  • Fixed a bug that could get the game into an improper aspect ratio causing the game to stretch or squish and some UI elements to become off-center.
  • Fixed UI scale settings causing the skill tree to render outside the screen bounds.

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