The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Revealed the 2024 Oscars Eligible Films in Documentary, International, and Animated Feature Categories.

Included in the Animated category is The Super Mario Bros. Movie! Click here for the full list of nominees.

Are you expecting it to be one of the winners? Let us know if you think so below!

Thanks to ThatWaluigiDude for the heads up!

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7M ago

I mean, we’re all glad it turned out as fun and successful as it is. But a best animated feature nominee? Next to Across the Spiderverse, Mutant Mayhem, and The Boy and the Heron? To say nothing of lesser-known films? Not likely.

Can still hope for Best Original Song.


7M ago


The Boy and the Heron will likely not receive a nomination because America...
I haven't seen Mutant Mayhem, is it really that good?


7M ago


While the Academy's snubbed a lot of anime films, they've been consistent with Miyazaki.

Mutant Mayhem's been well-received enough, though they snubbed The Lego Movie years back, so who knows.