Independent game developer C2 Game Studio and Versus Evil, one of the leading independent video game publishers, have today released an all new blog post detailing some of the environments you’ll explore when Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients launches Switch in 2024.

This latest blog post provides an overview of Gliese, a realm draped in mystery, where history lies cloaked in shadows and destiny teeters on uncertainty. Gliese boasts a spectrum of biomes that enrich its essence. Each environment beckons explorers to unearth their secrets, discover hidden temples, explore caverns, and undoubtedly revel in the manifold wonders that Gliese holds.

Here you’ll get a snapshot of its arid wasteland The Great Xanios Desert, once home to Gliese’s most ancient civilization; the lush Deep Forest where legends speak of a hidden grove where the whispers of ancient wisdom echo; the snow-capped Kalios Mountain Range where harsh temperatures and fierce winds make for a challenging venture to all but the unique breed of Hiltsik who’ve adapted to the climate and setup a village there; and the enchanting Firefly Forest & Sacred Lake, full of serene waters and rumored to serve as the passage to a hidden Diokek City.

The world of Gliese is threatened by dark forces, revenants from a forgotten time. Astor, a young warrior, must rise and unearth the secrets of the past, exploring majestic, mysterious ruins and ancient temples in an epic fight for the planet’s survival. Only Astor can gather the ancient powers and legendary weapons needed to stop an unholy ritual.

Journey across an expansive, colorful world, full of mystery and danger. Abandoned ruins and derelict temples from a long forgotten era pepper the landscape, teasing mysterious tales that you must uncover. Aided by an enigmatic presence, Astor will dive into an intricate storyline filled with iconic and endearing characters. Explore deep forests, sprawling deserts, frozen tundras, and crumbling ancient structures as you embark upon a globe-trotting adventure.

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