There’s never a dull moment in the world of Pokémon. No matter where you live, there’s always something Pokémon-related going on, and we’re breaking down the latest news on events, merch and more for the dedicated Pokémon fans out there.

First up is a new animated web series called Snorlax & Cubone. The first episode in this series, which follows a wild Cubone and Snorlax, has been released. You can see the first episode above in full, with subsequent shorts being released via X each Friday. We’ll make sure to bring you each episode as they release.

Next up is coverage of the grand opening for Pokémon Center Taipei, which was unsurprisingly a massive hit. The crowd on opening day reached over 1,500 people, with the situation being so bad that some were scalping their tickets online in order to pull in big returns.

Those who made it inside the Center were treated to a mecca of all things Pokémon. From merch to apparel and everything else, pretty much anything a Pokémon diehard could want was on-hand. If you’d like to get another peek inside the brand-new Center, you can find a gallery of photos and video footage here.


Last but not least, we get to see some new plushes lined up for Pokémon Center Japan locations. Above is a first look at the “Buru Buru…Mugyu!” plushes, which features two Pokémon that are meant to hug another. The plushes have magnets inside, so when you get them near each other, they’ll automatically go in for a hug. This Buru Buru…Mugyu! line includes the duos of Pikachu/Pichu, Jigglypuff/Igglybuff, Marill/Azurill, and Sudowoodo/Bonsly, and will launch Dec. 16th, 2023.


There’s also another Pokémon Scarlet/Violet legendary plush in the works, and it’s set to arrive on Dec. 14th, 2023. This time around, Terapagos (Normal Form) and Terapagos (Terastal Form) are getting the plush treatment, and you can see both in the image above.

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