Nintendo loves to keep relationships ambiguous in their big franchises. We’re not quite sure if Mario and Princess Peach are a couple, but there have been moments in past titles that certainly seem to indicate so. The same goes for The Legend of Zelda series, with Tears of the Kingdom only furthering that idea.

While most fans might think there’s a love affair between Link and Zelda, Nintendo isn’t ready to be locked into that. In an interview with IGN, Nintendo’a Eiji Aonuma dodged the question about Link and Zelda being committed to one another, and instead said it’s up to the players’ imaginations.

“I will leave it to everyone’s imagination [whether Link and Zelda are in a relationship. I don’t think that Zelda is a type of game where the development team says, ‘This is what Zelda is, this is what the story is, this is what the game is.’ Everything that the development team wants to convey has already been placed into the game. And the rest is up to the player’s imagination, and their reflection on how they feel… what they’ve experienced in the game.”

[Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma]

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6M ago

Zelda moved into Links house and that house has one bed. No further discussion needed.