AK-xolotl has received its “Chaos Trials and Chaos Unleashed” update. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Chaos Trials

Embark on the ultimate AK-xolotl challenge with Chaos Trials, unlocked after defeating the final boss. Activate various Run Modifiers at different ranks, elevating your Chaos level. Conquer bosses at specific Chaos levels to reap bonus rewards.

Each Run Modifier spices up the game’s difficulty, so test your limits and see how much Chaos you can take!

Boost enemy damage, max HP, wave size, bid farewell to healing effects, and more—there are over 25 levels of Chaos to conquer. Remember, more Chaos equals more rewards!

Upon defeating the final boss, a new face emerges at the Pond: Zanzi, the panther. As a seasoned combat veteran, she’s here to share her wisdom and guide you on the path to becoming the ultimate fighter!

Chaos Unleashed

A brand-new Boss: tired of crab cakes for dinner? Give Pond Pincer a break and brace yourself for the possibility of encountering a brand new alternate boss in Biome 1 – the Mine-Gast! This one’s guaranteed to take you on a wild ride.

New Enemies: tales of your havoc have spread throughout the Pond, and 6 new creature types have joined the battle against…well, you.

New Weapons: over 20 new weapons, ranging from classics like the Nail Gun, Boomerang, and Peacekeeper to more unusual firearms like the Tentacle, Elephant Gun, and Toadally Tosser. Things are about to get crazy!

New Items: while new weapons are fantastic, let’s take the fun to the next level with 20 new items to fully customize your builds. Get ready for some truly insane combinations!

In-run Shop Redesign: say goodbye to unclear marketing tactics – the Hyena shop now provides a comprehensive description of all the available goodies. Become the informed buyer you deserve to be!

New Room Layouts: as always, we’ve sprinkled in some new room layouts to enhance the visual diversity of your runs.

Kickstarter axolittles: the two axolittles unlocked during our Kickstarter campaign are now available to catch during your runs.

Run Modifiers: dive into the ultimate AK-xolotl challenge with Chaos Trials, available after conquering the final boss. Activate various Run Modifiers at different ranks, increasing your Chaos level. Triumph over bosses at designated Chaos levels to harvest extra rewards.

Holiday Spice:

Prepare to spread some holiday cheer! Four new holiday-themed axolittles are now available to catch, and from December 1st, The Pond will undergo a festive makeover with new decorations to get you into the holiday spirit. Picture gingerbread men, Christmas presents, and a magical snowy landscape covering almost everything! Be sure to check out the in-game winter wonderland!

Bug Fixes

Fixed the bug where clicking out of focus during the confirmation screen in the pause menu will cause the game to “soft lock”.

Droppin’ Doggo and Small Paws Dealer shops refresh button will no longer work after all items/weapons have been bought

Fixed the issue where navigation was being lost in the Journal menu



  • Tactic Gun: Fire rate decreased from 0.1 to 0.12
  • Wingers: Fire mode changed to Auto
  • Big AK: Damage increase from 85 to 95


  • Lotzilla size increased from 100% to 200%
  • Melee weapons redesign
  • Melee weapons now only destroy normal enemy attacks. Elite enemies and bosses attacks (pink projectiles), will no longer be destroyed by melee weapon swings.

Quality of life

  • Implemented proper mouse navigation support for all game menus


  • Implemented status effects on enemies

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