Hello, summoners! The latest update to Fire Emblem Heroes (v8.0.0) for smart devices brings all-new Book VIII story content and much more. Join in the Book VIII Begins Celebration events today and experience the new story content, tackle new challenges, summon added Heroes, and tons of other stuff!

And not to worry: you can jump right into the story of Book VIII even if you haven’t completed Books I through VII.

The Kingdom of Askr and the Emblian Empire overcome their hardships and join hands. However, that peace is suddenly shattered by the forces of Yggdrasill, the World-Tree. After winning over Ratatoskr, who was sent to assassinate Alfonse, to join their side as an ally, the Order of Heroes faces a terrifying conspiracy…

5★ Mythic Hero Ratatoskr: Mending Hand will join your barracks if you clear Part 5 of Chapter 1 of Book VIII on Normal difficulty.

The Book VIII: Ratatoskr and More summoning event is on now! Ratatoskr is available as part of the 5★ focus category, along with New Heroes from the Fire Emblem Awakening game.

Battle together with Heroes from other worlds! Affinity Auto-Battles is an event in which your team of Heroes is dispatched to different worlds to take on missions with the help of another player’s team. Before battles, the affinity between your forces and the allied team is determined.

The first Affinity Auto-Battles event will begin on December 17th at 11 p.m. PT. Please see the game for more details.

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