The 2023 Game Awards have come and gone, and with them came a wave of reveals and controversy. We talk all about that in detail, pivot to Nintendo’s interesting comments on the Zelda series, and get into a surprisingly detailed convo about oompa loompas!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

Thanks to Gybones for putting together this episode’s timestamps!

00:00:00 Theme Music

00:00:40 Introduction

00:00:48 Pokémon Desc

00:02:11 Discord Hellos

00:02:49 Crew Greetings

00:04:30 Pre-show

01:19:17 Now I Get News

01:19:52 SNW Donkey Kong Area Spring 2024

01:22:26 LoZ Movie Director aiming for Miyazaki feel

01:24:04 Suika Game is EUs next NSO Free Game Trial Offer

01:25:57 Nintendo Live 2024 Cancelled Due to Threats

01:31:43 NA eShop Releases

01:34:23 Nicky Hill’s Sweet (Euro eShop) Releases

01:41:50 Zelda Bits from Eiji

01:54:18 Whatcha Been Playin’ Pod Crew?

02:32:42 Listener Question

02:34:44 Patreon Question

02:40:07 Congrats on 900! From JJ

02:41:31 Music Time

02:52:57 Deux’s Rumor

02:54:51 Goodbyes

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Comments (5)


6M ago

Nobody is going to hire little people for roles traditionally played by little people because King Little Person Peter Dinklage threw a fit about Snow White.


6M ago

That art is cursed. I love it.


6M ago

I'm sorry but "Little People"? RMC I thought better of you to not use such vile exclusionary language. Please don't refer to people with dwarfism with such discriminatory terms.

Would you refer to those in a wheelchair as the "chair people"? How about those with Down Syndrome as the "down people"?


6M ago


First off, thank you so much for the comment.

Second, I was using 'little people' as I thought that was preferred nomenclature. I just did some more research now and it seems that most sources say 'little person' or 'LP' is a term accepted/preferred by most in the community, as is 'dwarf' or 'person of short stature'.

It doesn't seem like there's one singular term/phrase that all of those in the community prefer, but 'little person' or 'LP' seems to be acceptable. I'm sure you know I would never say anything to intentionally offend, and also know I always aim to be understanding, respectful and inclusive.

I'll continue to do more research on this topic and am totally open to more opinions on the matter. Until I have more information or a better understanding, I'll make sure I speak more clearly on the matter should it come up again. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!


6M ago


You must have been dropped on your head as a kid and became a "cracked head person" because they refer to themselves as "little people".