As we detailed last week, Nintendo and Universal revealed that Super Nintendo World’s Donkey Kong expansion is set to open in Japan come Spring 2024. We got a promo video that showcased what the park’s design will look like, a sneak peek at the DK Mine Cart ride, and some images for the initial merch lineup. Today brings us a video showcasing what Donkey Kong items are available in the park right now.

Nintendo and Universal will have a whole slew of goodies available when the Donkey Kong section of Super Nintendo World opens in Spring 2024, but a few items from the lineup are available right now. From Donkey Kong treats to an incredible “hat” and more, it seems like the merch plans are off to a strong start. We should get a look at the complete lineup as we inch closer to opening day.

If you’d like a refresher on the merch showcased up to this point as well as the Donkey Kong attraction in general, you can check out our original post.

Thanks to d_says_hi for the heads up!

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6M ago

I love that the shirts seem to use an art style similar to what the DK arcade and DK cartoon used to use.