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11 December 2023
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As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more part of our lives, with all the ethical and moral questions it entails, Chaosmonger Studio, developer of acclaimed game ENCODYA and of the just-released Three Minutes To Eight, has formally announced that Soul Tolerance is heading to Switch in Q2 2024.

The game, entirely created in voxel-art, is set in a society composed exclusively of robots, and controlled by the Divine Mother, a super AI-deity that rules the planet. The protagonist is Unit-12, a simple robo-detective coming hot off the assembly line, who will manage to twist his code and discover a mystery that will shake the roots of the A.I. controlled world.

Hokkaido, Japan, 2214. A hundred and thirty years ago, humanity became extinct. For the past century, an advanced, omniscient, and ubiquitous artificial intelligence (AI) has controlled Earth. Mechanical beings gifted with less-advanced AI populate the leavings of man, inhabiting and improving upon the empty husks of humanity’s decay. They coexist with billions of bacteria, plants, insects, and fungi. But nothing more complex than this. To ensure that consciousness never threatens the planet again, the Divine AI enforces a limit to self-awareness. Any life found exceeding this threshold is ordered annihilated. This protocol is better known as… SOUL TOLERANCE.

In this Asimovian tale, discover a rich neon-noir city-scape through the eyes of a robot-detective as you investigate the inner workings of an A.I. dominated world. Speak with bots of all levels of society, from lowly robo-cleaners to the bureaucracy of The Encrypted class and even techno-spiritual monks in your search for which intelligence dared commit the crime of consciousness and break the Soul Tolerance limit.

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