You might not think it, but F-Zero X actually took a tiny bit of inspiration from the Ridge Racer series. This was brought to light by former associate producer at Nintendo of America, Jim Wornell, during the Kiwi Talkz podcast.

Wornell was contacted about getting the voice work together for the localization of F-Zero X, and it turns out he himself provided the voice of the announcer. In preparing for the role, Wornell applied his time spent with Ridge Racer in crafting a voice.

“I also played a lot of Ridge Racer, and I kind of patterned my voice after the announcer from Ridge Racer because I thought, you know, he’s got that great inflection. And I know that when you record stuff, you’ve always got to punch your volume, your emotion, up a little bit more because otherwise, it sounds flat.”

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2y ago

I see the connection. I love GX the best, it was beautiful and tough as nails in the campaign. This isn't that, but hey ho, you've got boost power. The series deserves reviving.