Fortnite 'Hype' and 'Unreal Editor' trailers released

Fortnite is currently in world domination mode

11 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The amount of stuff going on in Fortnite right now is insane. You’ve seen us posting a lot about Fortnite in recent weeks, and that’s due to all sorts of special events, new modes, game milestones and more. The amount of fresh content added in the last 30 days along is staggering, and Epic is out to spread the word with some new trailers.

The above trailer showcases the 3 new modes that have been added to the game in just the last week; Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing and LEGO Fortnite. Each of them provides a wildly different experience, giving people even more reason to jump into Fortnite to see what it’s all about. Of course, the traditional battle royale aspect of Fortnite is still there, and that gets some time in the spotlight as well.

Aren’t satisfied with what Epic has cooked up for Fortnite? Well, why not hop in the game and make something yourself? Fortnite provides an Unreal Editor that lets you build your own games, experiences, modes and more. If you can dream it up, the Unreal Editor lets you bring it to life! The trailer above shows off just some of the amazing ideas players have cooked up, and thousands are playing these custom-made experiences right now!

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