Rick and Morty's latest episode is filled with Pokémon references

Gee, Rick...what are we gonna do about Team Rocket?!

11 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Rick and Morty series is no stranger to videogame references. Over the show’s 7 season, there have been all sorts of nods, references and cameos related to video games, and many of those have been specifically tied to Nintendo. From talk of Legend of Zelda to the 3DS, Rick and Morty has shown the Big N plenty of love, but the most recent episode of the series is the most direct love letter yet.

Season 7, Ep. 9 of Rick and Morty, titled Mort: Ragnarick, sees the dynamic duo take on an adventure to Valhalla, all in the hopes of finding a source of infinite energy. This wild tale is filled to the brim with references to and flat-out mentions of the world of Pokémon, include Rick using a Poké Ball to capture monsters. You can see that Poké Ball above, and while the colors might be different from in-game, Rick directly refers to the item as a Poké.

That’s not the only time we see Pokémon referenced in the episode, as the theme is central to the story. That even continues with the post-credits scene, which is not only focused on a Pokémon battle, but even features a character clearly inspired by Ash Ketchum. As long as you don’t mind spoilers, you can see the post-credits scene below.

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