Mozilla, the team behind the long-running browser, does a lot more than just talk about surfing the web on their official website. They also offer up breakdowns of big-name tech companies and their products in order to let customers know if their online interactions are safe or something to be concerned about.

The team at Mozilla has recently turned their focus to the world of Nintendo and online safety to see how they fair. While Nintendo might go out of their way to keep kids safe online, it appears their collection of data from users leaves a lot to be desired. This has caused Mozilla to give Nintendo a rating of “Privacy Not Included.”

Wondering how Mozilla came to that decision? You can see all the aspects of Nintendo’s online data collection that worry Mozilla below.

  • Nintendo collects your name, email address, postal address, phone number, date of birth, country of residence, language, gender, device and advertising identifiers
  • Nintendo collects unique personal or online identifiers, location (with your consent), health information (with your consent), and lots of information about how and when and what games you play
  • Nintendo says they can “receive information about you from other sources, including from other users of our services, and third-party services and organizations.”
  • Nintendo can use that information to offer customized content, provide tailored advertising, and send promotional materials from them or their affiliates and business partners
  • Nintendo can aggregate or de-identify the personal information they collect on you
  • that new de-identified data is no longer subject to their privacy policy

It’s not all horrible news though, as Mozilla does point out some positives when it comes to Nintendo and their handling of online data:

  • Nintendo says that they do not, and will not, sell your data
  • Nintendo does a good job with parental controls on the Switch
  • Nintendo’s privacy policy is easy to find, read and understand

Now you know a lot more about how Nintendo handles your information online, and as the G.I. Joe gang said, knowing is half the battle. Wondering what you can do to better protect yourself online? Mozilla has some helpful tips and pointers to lock down your info, and you can find those here.

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6M ago

"Nintendo says that they do not, and will not, sell your data"
Based Nintendo.


6M ago

What health information can they gather?


6M ago


"With your consent, we may collect certain health information such as the number of steps taken or distance walked. We do not use this information for marketing or advertising purposes."