Deadpan Games, Gaziter and Chucklefish have announced that Wildfrost has been updated to Ver. 1.10, which has been dubbed the Storm Bells update. This is the biggest update for Wildfrost yet, as it’s loaded with powder-fresh features, balance adjustments, and bug fixes.

In an effort to balance the gameplay, the devs lessened the base game difficulty by eliminating aspects like Companion Injuries. The challenge, however, returns (with a vengeance) in the all-new Storm Bell difficulty system! The team added 13 unique Storm Bells, each bringing forth its own set of trials; you’ll face reduced enemy wave bell encounters, increased shop and Crown prices, even more charm-holding enemies, and a whole bunch of cursed crowns and charms for extra measure.

Each Storm Bell carries a point value, allowing you to handpick the level of challenge you wish to face, and to take on the True Final Boss™, you’ll need to amass a certain number of points.

But wait, there’s more! Vanquishes with Storm Bells activated will now unlock glorious Gold card frames to mark your victory, as well as Chiseled frames for those normal wins. The devs also rejigged the Daily Voyage, bringing in a random mix of Storm Bells for a more unpredictable challenge. And for those who have been requesting a less flashy gameplay experience, the team has added an option to disable the Snow Screen transition in the settings menu.

Finally, the devs also made a whole bunch of balances changes and mechanical updates to cards across the tribe pools for you to check out and let them know what you think. You can find the complete Storm Bells patch notes here.

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