For decades now, E3 has been the one event in the game industry that everyone looks forward to. Developers and publishers worked all year to put together show-stopping announcements and fans eagerly awaited the event to see what the next big games were going to be. Now all of that has officially come to an end, as E3 is now over.

While E3 has been on life support for a few years now, today the plug has been officially pulled. The Entertainment Software Association took to social media to confirm that E3 is now riding off into the sunset, leaving a massive void in the game industry. You can see the short-and-bittersweet message from the ESA below.

“After more than two decades of hosting an event that has served as a central showcase for the U.S. and global video game industry, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has decided to bring E3 to a close. ESA remains focused on advocating for ESA member companies and the industry workforce who fuel positive cultural and economic impact every day.”


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6M ago

Pandemic casualties aren't over, but the old days of the game industry certainly are. All that's left are memories of glorious triumphs and hilarious stumbles. It was a good time, E3. Thanks for everything.


6M ago

E3 is dead. Such b.s. that no one will report on the REAL reason E3 went under. What they don't tell you is that Gamespot and G4 monopolized the entire event starting around 2010. It was very lucrative back then to cover this event until gamespot/g4 strong-armed the video game companies into only giving them the exclusives. I saw firsthand a few of their tactics of tying up their PR reps all day so everyone else got table scraps. I got into arguments off camera with these PR reps because they kept playing these games of, 'oh i can only talk to gamespot about that'. Lucasarts was the worst in that department.
Then E3 started lying about their attendance numbers. It got to the point where the halls were so empty, yet E3 reps lied saying how they kept breaking attendance numbers. This is the real reason why game companies began pulling out. Since all the reporters were getting screwed over by gamespot/g4, they had no reason to come back and there was hardly anyone there by 2014, E3 also began letting the public in to fill the void of all those reporters which really started rubbing game companies the wrong way because it meant less press about their games getting out. You guys have been completely lied to about things like this as well as the inner workings of Youtube. I could tell you stories.... Sickening.


6M ago


I always suspected GameSpot used less-than-honest tactics, sounds like they did so at least at E3.

Coincidentally Nintendo's first Direct was 2011. Doesn't seem like a coincidence.

If its really true then you should talk to gonintendo and tell from your side what really went wrong. It would be a missed opportunity for gonintendo.


6M ago


Woow, well look at that. I love when the truth comes to light. It has a real knack for doing that. What a glorious day when that happens. Thanks for shedding light to the truth. You definitely want to get this out en masse as socar said.