gamigo has announced that Trovians can now share in the wonder of Snowfest 2023 on all platforms from December 12, 6pm until Christmas Day on December 25.

The Horned Rumpfus have found their way back to the Permafrost and they’re as angry as ever! Players must meet Elfsly in the hub to embark upon this year’s Snowfest quest to save the Horned Rumpfus by launching saged snowballs and turning them back into yetis.

Along the way, Trovians must defeat gift-stealing enemies, clear the dungeons, and complete Snowfest daily quests. The Tree dungeons in particular are much larger and a much bigger threat. They can pop up anywhere in Trove, so find a few and give ‘em what for.

Returning features this year include the Gift and Tree dungeons, as well as previous collections which can be crafted at the Snowfest Table. The Friendsgiving banner will also return with an experience boost for all who use it during the Snowfest event.

Upon completion of the Snowfest 2023 quest, Elfsly and the gang might just have a special gift waiting for victorious players returning to the hub. Make sure to hurry though, because come the new year Elfsly will be doing some spring cleaning.

Snowfest 2023 brings an exciting host of new collections which can be obtained by crafting or opening plumed chests.

New items on offer include:

  • The Rockin’ Rollin’ Rider and Jingle Jammin mounts
  • One new bomber royale style
  • Two new allies
  • Three new ornament helmet styles
  • A new Diamond Dragon’s Digest tome

Who needs the twelve days of Christmas when the thirteen days of Snowfest has all of this on offer?

This year’s event also features the new Snowfest sharing daily leaderboard. Each day players can participate in the leaderboard by completing quests, clearing dungeons, using the warm fuzzy feeling from curing Horned Rumpfus, or donating at the donation station. By placing on the leaderboard, players can obtain the Mysterious Trophy Case: Events Edition reward which contains never before obtainable trophies as well as trophies from many of the NPCs from previous events.

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