The Ace Attorney series has been going strong for decades now, leading to multiple new entries, spin-offs and crossovers. Wondering what could happen with the series next? Well, if Ace Attorney’s producer has his way, an incredibly interesting collaboration could be the direction to head in.

We’ve see the Ace Attorney series tie up with Professor Layton over the years, but things have been quiet on the crossover front ever since. Could we ever see Capcom’s courtroom series team with another game franchise out there? In an interview with Nintenderos, Ace Attorney producer Kenichi Hashimoto shared his thoughts on a dream team-up.

While we have no plans to do so, I personally think a crossover with Pokémon would be fun - Detective Pikachu would be a perfect fit!

[Ace Attorney producer Kenichi Hashimoto]

Detective Pikachu would certainly be the perfect choice for a collab, and it would no doubt raise the profile of the Ace Attorney series. Let’s hope Pokémon Co. thinks there’s something to the idea, as there’s no doubt thousands of fans would be excited to pick this one up.

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