Lost Nintendogs find a new home with a kind stranger

Virtual animals are a lifetime commitment!

04 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

I think it’s time we all admitted it; we were horrible parents/fosters to our Nintendogs. We spent so many days taking care of them and showing them nothing but love. Then a day came when we decided to virtually abandon them, never to interact with our pups again.

At least one Nintendogs fan out there was keeping up with their pups years after the game saw release, but sadly, they seemed to have lost their game card while riding on the train. That’s where Tiktok user BennyPvideo comes in.

BennyPvideo came across the lost cartridge while riding the train, and he decided right then and there to become a virtual foster home for the lost Nintendogs. In a series of Tiktok videos, Benny shows his journey of getting the game card to work, finding the Nintendogs waiting within, and learning all about the pups.

It really does make you feel a thing or two for your abandoned Nintendogs! I know I’m feeling quite neglectful at the moment. Maybe it’s time to charge up my DS and check in on my virtual friends.

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2y ago

I don't think my dogs were ever that cute together. They were always fighting over food. But I can't even remember their names anymore so I'm no better. 😖