Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator 'Gameplay' Trailer

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12 December 2023
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Now is your chance to get a sneak preview of your future garden, via a new gameplay trailer unveiled exclusively by NACON and stillalive studios at the OTK Game Awards 2023. This video game provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere, in which players can express all their creativity, while looking after and enhancing their garden as the seasons go by. They can also meet requests from their neighbours to win rewards, and gradually unlock new tools, seeds, decorations or garden zones, and discover the story of this unique garden. Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator will be available on Switch later in 2024.

Who has never dreamt of owning their own little piece of paradise? With Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator, gardening has never been as relaxing!

This gardening simulation game basks in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, giving players practically free rein to create their own oasis of tranquillity using the appropriate techniques and tools. Players can plant their plants and set up their decorations as they see fit. They can also watch their flowers grow naturally thanks to a procedural growth simulation technology specially developed for the game.

There are activities for the players in Story mode, in particular helping fellow villagers with their various requests in exchange for rewards. These can be used to expand the garden and acquire new tools, seeds and decorations!


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