2023 was a busy year in the Blunderdome. Mediatonic released the tools that turned Beans into builders, constructing the perfect platform to yeet into 2024 from. Join Mediatonic as they look back at the year Fall Guys went DIY, and ponder what’s yonder for 2024!

The moment the Blunderdome Construction Crew released the Creative Construction Update was a real game-changer. Mediatonic handed level-design tools to you, creating the ultimate collab, and you built astonishing Rounds for everyone to play.

It was just the start. The team doubled the building budget from 1,000 to 2,000! They added more obstacles, like Barriers and the Carriable Punching Block. Mediatonic dropped the needle on new music and built some bold backdrops, letting you give your Rounds some fun themes. And the devs even added power-ups, the first of which turns Beans into balls!

With the roadmap now thoroughly ticked-off (in a good way), Mediatonic have to come up with more goals for 2024.


The devs hope you are all having a blast with our first Power-Up! Speaking of Power-ups, Mediatonic are hard at work to bring you more in 2024 as well as other tools & features. The new Roadmap is a peek into the future of Fall Guys, let’s take a look at what’s to come!

The Winter Blunderland Fame Pass has some serious Santa vibes. The devs mean it: there’s a Santa Samurai Costume. You can get cosy with the furry Winter Red Panda, Llama Charmer, and Winter Koala Costumes, or risk it for a biscuit in the Gingerbread Costume. And it doesn’t get icer than the Figure Skating Celebration and Figure Skating Emote!

Mediatonic even crafted some festive freebies for you to wear: a delicious Cosy Cocoa Costume, and Fabulously Festive Hat and Festive Wreath Belt Wearables! Celebrate the holidays however you want with our eclectic aesthetics, live from 10AM GMT 12th December, 2023 to 10AM GMT 15th January, 2024.

The Season’s Yeetings Event is just around the corner, bringing you the chance to earn some seasonal goodies and play through all of the Winter FallJam level submissions. The event starts December 20th so be sure to dive in!

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