Vivify the Season with Viola (Holiday 2023) & Vivillon in Pokémon Masters EX

Sync up with these two for the end of the year

12 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The holiday season is on its way, and Lear is hosting Pasio’s annual winter party—this time with a photographic focus! Trainers in attendance can enter a photo contest by taking snapshots during the event and submitting the picture they believe will touch people’s hearts. The contest is a perfect opportunity for Viola to showcase her photography skills and for Professor Sycamore to evaluate the bonds between Trainers and Pokémon. Watch the situation develop in the latest Pokémon Masters EX story event, Focus on the Shining Shot!

Viola (Holiday 2023) & Vivillon are a Bug-type field sync pair that can aid their allies by setting up a Bug Zone, which powers up all Bug-type moves. Creating a Bug Zone activates their disruptively powerful buddy move, Frozen Butterfly Stun Spore, which leaves the target paralyzed and confused, and lowers their Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed, accuracy, and evasiveness each by one stat rank. Landing this move is also key to activating Viola (Holiday 2023) & Vivillon’s hindering passive skills, Hit Status Cond Opp: Stat ↓2 9 and Paralyzed Opp Fail ↑ 5.

Hit Status Cond Opp: Stat ↓2 9 lowers the target’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed, accuracy, or evasiveness by two stat ranks when Viola (Holiday 2023) & Vivillon successfully attack a target that is affected by a status condition. Paralyzed Opp Fail ↑ 5 doesn’t reduce stats but is just as disruptive—this passive skill raises the chance that an opponent’s move will fail due to paralysis, giving your team more opportunities to stay fighting fit.

For more details on this sync pair’s passive skills and moves, check their in-game sync pair scout screen. Viola (Holiday 2023) & Vivillon are available to scout until December 29, 2023, at 9:59 p.m. PDT.

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