It’s that time again, boys and girls. Nintendo has put together their official breakdown of what you’ve been playing on your Switch for the year, and you can log in to see all the fun stats!

All you have to do is log into this website and your Switch stats will be automatically scraped and presented in lovely fashion. You’ll see a bunch of details, such as your most-played games, games you played on their launch days, games you’ve been playing for 3 years now, and much more.

Of course, there’s way more data to crunch on your Switch stats. You can even see breakdowns of what your most-played games were by month! Feel free to share some of your stats in the comments below!

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6M ago

A nice reminder from Nintendo that I played Breath of the Wild for 98 hours (saved my Master Mode playthrough and game revisit for what ended up being 6 years) which led me directly into 368 hours (and counting) of Tears of the Kingdom. From there another 35 games share the other 275 hours. A truly great year and double the hours I played my Switch in 2022.


6M ago

112 games and over 1200 hours... Yeah, I've been busy.


6M ago

Well this sure wasn't the year of the Switch for me. Then again I have yet to start TOTK and that alone explains a lot. Also I have Persona 5 and AI: Somnium Files Nirvana on PS5, rather than on Switch which also explains a lot. Also, at the end of February the PSVR2 entered this realm and I have been hooked!

So only 49 hours on Switch the entire year (more now with Spirittea =) ) But! 28 out of those 49 hours went to one of the best games this year: Bayonetta Origins! What a fucking gem!