Developer Yaza Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment release the power of aquatic beasts onto the pages of medieval books in Inkulinati’s fourth major update called Tactical Swimming. This last update before the full release adds the new fearsome Water Army, additional Battlefields, and new Talents that will shift the tides of battle. Check out the Major Update 4 trailer for a deep-dive into the new content.

Seemingly lighthearted and whimsical on the surface, Inkulinati proves to be a complex and challenging strategy game at its’ core. Master the rules of battle and use your strategic mastermind to keep your head above water in this unforgiving yet always fair turn-based tactics game inspired by medieval marginalia. The Tactical Swimming Update’s biggest addition is the all-new Water Army! This army is made up of the Sword-Wielding Fish, Spear-Wielding Fish, Bow-Wielding Fish, and the mighty Seal, whose spear can pierce through multiple targets!

In arenas where the aquatic Beasts will grace, multiple big and small water areas will arise at the beginning of a battle. These are not just ordinary puddles but mighty strategic elements as water creatures are immune to damage and can move more fields when they are located inside the big water. Meanwhile, regular creatures will face damage when they end their turn inside these wet fields. In addition to these new units and supporting mechanics, the developers added 8 new hand actions and 26 new talents, which allow for creating new individual play styles. The developers also balanced existing battlefields taking into account the game’s community feedback.

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