Warframe’s next major Cinematic Quest, Whispers in the Walls, arrives free today for players on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The Update takes players soaring back to the desolate planet Deimos to investigate a subterranean laboratory left behind by the great Albrecht Entrati where clues to resolving fragments of the past lie deep within its unknown chambers. In addition to enriching Warframe’s high-stakes narrative, Whispers in the Walls also hauls in a bundle of gifts for players just before the holidays including Cross Platform Save, the 55th Warframe Qorvex, a new enemy faction and new weapon type, a secret ally Syndicate to discover, and a post-launch Clan Operation coming Dec. 18.

Players can also check out the Warframe: Returning Player Guide for an incredibly detailed digital handbook that makes catching up and bullet-jumping back into Warframe’s wild world easier than ever before.

The first wave of Cross Platform Save hits the shores of select players today. Eligible players are now able to merge accounts, retaining most items across different platforms. A small number of items will not be eligible for account merging and can be found in the official Cross Platform Save FAQ. Tune-in to the official Warframe Forum and channels on Facebook, Discord, and X to learn more about when the next wave of players will gain access to this feature.

Contain the corrupt power of the Void as 55th Warframe, Qorvex. Embody a brutalist frame built from multi-layered concrete to keep deadly radiation damage contained. Manifest a liminal hallway trap and bring its weighty walls crashing into a line of enemies. Construct fusion reactor pillars with damaging pulses that can quicken with kinetic strikes and release pent up radiation in a devastating, blistering unibeam to finish off the strongest of foes.

Blast away the new enemy faction, the Murmur, with eldritch energy from a never-before-seen breed of weapon, Grimoire, across the two latest mission types, Alchemy, and Netracells, as well as a different Assassination boss battle. Explore a new hub zone named The Sanctum Anatomica, utilizing fresh environments full of secrets to uncover within every nook and cranny of every wall, including a secret ally Syndicate known as “Cavia” to rank up with for stylish yet useful rewards.

Shortly after today’s launch, the biggest (and first cross-platform) Clan Operation arrives on Dec. 18, titled Gargoyle’s Cry. Come back on December 18 to witness this narrative event and find new and old rewards!

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