Just this week, SMITE released the ‘Yokai of Despair’ Update, the last one in the Season of Worlds. It features the newest playable God, Bake Kujira, a vengeful ghost whale from the Japanese pantheon. Today, a new story trailer has been released to reveal more about this spirited ocean-dweller.

In Japanese folklore, Bake Kujira is a yokai – a ghostly apparition. Shaped as a gigantic skeleton whale, he is the ominous bringer of an inescapable curse. In SMITE, that is exactly what he is too!

On the Battleground of the Gods, Bake Kujira is a steady, persistent, and inevitable force of despair. Floating around his enemies, he curses them, hinders them, and ultimately wears them down. What’s more, his foreboding lament is able to dilate time itself.

Playing as Bake Kujira feels just as unique as looking at him. Although a Guardian, he is designed to be played as a Solo Laner, plus his main source of damage is his one-of-a-kind basic attacks. They hit all enemies in a circular area all around him—not unlike a pool of water—and he can empower them in various ways.

Become a vengeful apparition, despair incarnate – and above all a floating ghost whale – playing as Bake Kujira in SMITE today!

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