RPG Maker WITH heads to Switch in Japan April 11th, 2024

Will you make the next great RPG?

13 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Gotcha Gotcha Games previously announced that they’re bringing RPG Maker WITH to Switch. Today brings us a confirmation on the Japanese release date, which is now locked in for April 11th, 2024. There’s no word on a localization for this title just yet.

RPG Maker WITH is a Switch-specific version of the role-playing game creation tool RPG Maker. This version includes all the elements you’d expect for building an RPG, but it also adds in “asset sharing,” which allows you to work with other creators to build a project.

The RPG Maker series is a long-running series that began in 1990, acting as a game construction tool that allows you to create games without programming. In Japan, the series has been known as “RPG Tsukuru,” but the name has since been unified worldwide as the RPG Maker series, and the latest entry is planned for release on Switch.

While previous entries in the RPG Maker series have been developed for PC, RPG Maker WITH has been tuned for console so that anyone can easily and casually enjoy game creation. With RPG Maker WITH, you can become a game creator by simply owning a Switch. It is a tool that responds to the needs of “a generation of one hundred million creators.”

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