After years of laying dormant, Square Enix finally decided it was time for the Dragon Quest Monsters franchise to make a return, and with a Switch-exclusive at that. The last official entry in the franchise came all the way back in 2017, but that streak has now been broken by Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, which is available on Switch right now.

While Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince offers all sorts of gameplay that will be familiar to franchise fans, it also includes some unique mechanics as well. One such example is the inclusion of seasons that change during the course of your adventure. In an interview with Nintendo Life, producer Kento Yokota explains why this mechanic was included.

Each environment changes with the seasons in The Dark Prince. Why did you decide to implement a seasonal system in the game, and how does it affect gameplay and monster taming?

All the monsters that appear in the Dragon Quest series are so characterful and unique. We felt that it would be a great idea to tailor the areas that they live in to match that individuality and came up with the seasons system. We made sure that the passing of the seasons would not interfere with the progression of the story in any way, but there are lots of monsters that will only appear if you visit their habitat in the right season, so watching out for the changing seasons becomes another enjoyable aspect of the gameplay.

[Kento Yokota, producer]

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