DOOM mod gives the game a Friday the 13th NES game makeover

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13 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

It’s pretty amazing to see DOOM getting regular updates and new content decades after it launched, all thanks to the undying fanbase. Even though DOOM has seen subsequent installments over the years, and high-quality ones at that, dedicated fans keep returning to the game that started it all to cook up new experiences.

The latest example of that never-ending DOOM support comes in the form of a very unique mod. Anyone who’s played the Friday the 13th game on the NES knows it’s a rather interesting, if not clunky experience. It’s far from the worst movie-to-game adaptation, and it even includes some novel ideas, such behind-the-back gameplay sections.

Those behind-the-back cabin explorations are pretty darn close to a first-person experience, and they clearly inspired modders Gokuma and Kontra Kommando, as they’ve taken DOOM and completely reworked it within the Friday the 13th NES framework. It looks and sounds the part, but it still plays like DOOM, making for a very alluring combination.

If you’d like to give this mod a try, you can find all the necessary files for checking it out here.


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