HAMSTER Co. is happy to announce that AERO FIGHTERS, is releasing on Nintendo Switch today, available digitally for Arcade Archives series by HAMSTER. AERO FIGHTERS is a shooter released by VIDEO SYSTEM in 1992.

Major cities around the world are occupied by someone, and the United Nations desperately tries to put up a defense line, but there is nothing they can do in the face of the enemy’s overwhelming military power. However, eight warriors from all over the world stood up here. Each of them, of their own will, boarded a fighter jet and took to the skies for their own purposes.

Arcade Archives: AERO FIGHTERS is priced at $8 and allows for 1 or 2 player action.

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7M ago

Nice! After they released the second and third parts as part of the ACA NEOGEO series I always wanted to play the first one.