Curve Games and No Brakes Games are proud to announce that Human Fall Flat, the popular multiplayer platformer, has now shipped over 50 million copies across the globe. To celebrate the milestone, the team have launched a workshop competition, with the winner walking away with USD 10,000 and the level officially featured in the game on PC and console.

Human Fall Flat offers a multitude of quirky and wonderful opportunities for level creation. The winning creators will have their hard work meticulously optimized, polished, and seamlessly integrated as an official level in the game, available on both Steam and consoles! The competition is now open and runs until 1st February 2024. The three themes are Lost in Time, Heists, and Fairytales, so to be in with a chance to win USD 10,000, fill out the form and get creative.

The Human Fall Flat team unveiled its 25th level on November 20th, releasing a new Underwater map and adding to the hundreds of additional levels accessible through the Steam Workshop.

Human Fall Flat is a hilarious, light-hearted physics platformer set in a world of floating dreamscapes. Each dream level provides a new environment to navigate, from mansions, castles and Aztec adventures to snowy mountains, eerie nightscapes, and industrial locations. Multiple routes through each level and perfectly playful puzzles ensure that exploration and ingenuity are rewarded. But, of course, your Human’s wobbly movements don’t make things easy, and whether you’re jumping, climbing, carrying, or swinging, things can quickly go wrong - with hilarious results.

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