Attention students of Jujutsu High! First year teacher Satoru Gojo is here to share his knowledge on JUJUTSU KAISEN CURSED CLASH, the 2v2 action brawler based of the popular series JUJUTSU KAISEN, coming on 2nd February 2024.

The game’s battle system takes advantage of the unique cursed techniques each character has to offer. Fighting in 2v2, players will have to choose their tag team characters by taking into account their synergies and complementary abilities to gain an edge in combat. When charging up their cursed energy while fighting, players will be able to unleash great powers, with each character having their own ultimate and awakened moves. They can also combine forces with their teammate for a devastating joint attack.

JUJUTSU KAISEN CURSED CLASH offers two game modes to play:

The story mode that will retell the tale from the anime and adds never-before-seen original stories. The Online mode that will offer:

  • Online versus, where players are matched in 2v2 battles with other players from around the world
  • Online co-op mode with a partner to take on CPU opponents with increasing difficulty
  • Online lobby creating a private lobby where players can challenge their friends
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