Summum Aeterna has just received “The Witcher Awakening” free content update, which packs in new weapon types, new status ailments and more. You can get a look at this content in the trailer above, and then read the full patch notes below.

“The Witcher Awakening”: New content and Improvements

New weapon type: Ornaments

New weapons have been added to the already wide and varied arsenal of the King of Darkness. Between swords, scythes, and pistols, now we can choose ornaments, magical artifacts with a destructive capacity that will delight his dar majesty (and also his followers).

Now players will be able to unlock this new type of weapon in the Famished Town forge and enjoy its 10 variants. Each of these ornaments features a unique design and attack patterns, in addition to the possibility of being ascended to the Summum level to unleash their full destructive potential.

The ascension diagrams can be obtained by performing certain feats with ornaments or completing specific missions… Everything will depend on the particular weapon.

With the inclusion of ornaments, a new weapon progression tree has also been added to the Starving City forge. Improve the attributes of this new type of weapon in each of the 8 branches and achieve the best performance in combat. A new gene called “Witchcraft” has also been added that increases the damage the King of Darkness does when wearing ornaments.

List of new weapons

Basic Ornament

An ornament for rookies, no enchantments or special attributes

Frost Hydra

  • Launches icy spikes that deal cold damage
  • Invokes an orb that launches ice spikes at enemies in its way
  • Summum: A layer of ice surrounds you, making you immune for a time while shooting spikes at nearby enemies.


  • Fires a voodoo projectile
  • Invokes zombies to fight at your side
  • Summum: Angers your host by increasing their abilities

Dragon Claw

  • All attacks from this ornament deal fire damage
  • Invokes a fireball that explodes upon impact, causing area damage.
  • Summum: Invokes a dragon that devastates the battlefield with a flare

Retro Controller

  • invokes a ship that will follow you and attack automatically
  • When killing enemies, there is a chance of power-ups spawning
  • You can modify its position or make it follow you.
  • Summum: Bombs the screen with giant retroprojectiles

Basaltic Golem

  • Invokes a stone fist that hits at close range
  • Invokes two giant fists that stun all enemies in their impact area.
  • Summum: Grants a shield


  • Invokes a retractable spear of roots that strikes enemies in its area.
  • Invokes poisonous spores into the world that are destroyed when hit with the roots.
  • Invokes a flurry of roots that hit all enemies in its area
  • Summum: Invokes a Sprout of Eternity


  • Invokes Typhon who will follow you and attack automatically
  • Creates a wind explosion around Typhoon that deals area damage.
  • You can modify its position with the primary attack
  • Summum: Generates a tornado around Typhon that attracts enemies towards its center

Elven Lyre

  • Throws a musical note and every certain number of notes throw a powered one
  • Releases a chord that enthralls the enemy for a time
  • Summum: Throw chords in all directions

Holy Scriptures

  • All attacks from this ornament deal holy damage
  • Invokes a spiraling hammer
  • Invokes a celestial mallet that bounces off surfaces, striking enemies in its path
  • Summum: Launches a purifying ray that hits enemies in its area. The beam can be directed in any direction

Seed history

The friendly botanist of Famished Town has created a seed history allowing players to check information about all the adventures they have already enjoyed, including genetic data and several statistics.

This addition is located in Yado’s hut, just to the right of the seed germinator.

New status ailments

2 new status ailments have been added:

  • Cold: Adds cold charges to the enemy and freezes them when it reaches 100
  • Charm: Enemies affected by this status will fight on your side

New skins

5 new skins have been included for the King of Darkness:

  • Spider Sense
  • Lich King
  • Déjà vu
  • Starborn
  • Tropic Thunder

New achievements

5 new achievements have been added related to the inclusion of ornaments:

  • Wizard: Unlock the ornament
  • Gun Nut: Fully upgrade (damage node not included) 4 weapon types
  • Do It Yourself: Forge 16 new weapons
  • Expert Weapon Tester: Unlock 36 relic weapons with Dummytama
  • Expert Summum: Unlock 36 ascended weapons with Dummytama

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed a bug where the end run screen would sometimes crash
  • Fixed an issue where the Argentum Pistol Ascension Chart could not be obtained when completing the requirement: defeat Count Xander with that weapon
  • Fixed a bug where the ascension diagram for the Touch of Death scythe could not be obtained when fulfilling the requirement: spin the Death Roulette while that weapon is equipped

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