Aeterna Lucis is a Metroidvania focused on fast-paced combat, exploration, and an engaging story, and it’s heading to Switch in late 2024.

The sequel to Aeterna Noctis follows the steps of its predecessor including a brand new protagonist and a large interconnected world! After the events of the first game, the Queen of Light must stop the destruction of the very existence by challenging the Supreme God Chaos while seeking the location of their old nemesis. A new installment in the Aeterna Universe

The unforeseen consequences after the ending of Aeterna Noctis broke the balance between Light and Darkness. The Queen of Light awakes alone in a changing world at the edge of the void. It’s up to her luminous majesty to find answers and stop the end of all things.

The Aeterna Universe continues to expand with the highly anticipated sequel to Aeterna Noctis. This time players will take on the role of the other monarch cursed by the will of the Supreme God Chaos., a protagonist featuring new abilities and bearing the responsibility of saving everything that has existed and will exist. Game mechanics

Metroidvania first and foremost - You’ll explore new areas interconnected in a large world map full of secrets, secondary quests, and evils to defeat. As the Queen of Light, you must uncover the mysteries of a land never seen before in the franchise and gather allies to stop the imminent collapse of space and time. The variety of settings is enormous, as is an artistic direction that gives each area a unique personality.

Fast-paced gameplay - Every Metroidvania focused on combat and exploration needs a fast-paced combat system and tons of passive and offensive skills… Guess what, both requirements are featured in Aeterna Lucis. The formula already implemented in its predecessor is now fully upgraded including much more polished combat controls, brand-new abilities, and exclusive weapons for the Queen of Light.

Level design and progress - The game features an intuitive level design for the players to enjoy precise movement controls and complete liberty to explore and discover alternative routes. This is a Metroidvania, remember? As you become more skilled and the Queen of Light gets new abilities, Aeterna Lucis allows players to exploit the full potential of their character in confrontations against final bosses that promise a visual, sound, and playable spectacle. The Art of Aeterna

Unique art direction - Since Aeterna Noctis, the franchise’s universe has always been characterized by a coherent art design that makes all gameplay areas, enemies, and NPCs feel part of the same world. Using our trademark stained glass art and hand drawing, all the settings and graphic elements stand out for their meticulous attention to detail. The music, another of the pillars of the game, will allow you to enjoy from the most epic moments to the most relaxing ones with a sound quality on par with the great titles of the genre.

Rich storyline - The Aeterna Universe uses dialogues, item descriptions, and environmental storytelling that don’t interfere with the player’s progress and the general flow of the game. Aeterna Lucis is no exception and introduces a lot of new details about the franchise’s lore and the secrets behind the curse of the two monarchs.

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