An update is now available for Mortal Kombat 1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

General Fixes & Adjustments

  • Move list corrections & Localization fixes
  • AI adjustments & improvements
  • Improvements to Screen Reader & Text to Speech functionality
  • Visual improvements to several Brutalities
  • Added Quan Chi Roster Character
  • Added Khameleon Kameo Character (Available 1/16/24)
  • Added Slay Bells Finisher, available in Seasonal Fatality Bundle
  • Added Winter Wonderland Variant to The Gateway Arena, available for free to all players
  • Added Holiday skins for Kitana, General Shao, and Reptile
  • Rounds to Win can now be increased to 5 in Gameplay Settings
  • Adjusted ticking sound effects Audio when timer is below 10 in a round
  • Fixed rare cloth physics issue that could occur when switching fighters on Character Select screen
  • Fixed a rare issue where tagged moves that could incorrectly displayed after rapid player inputs
  • Challenges are no longer highlighted for DLC characters that are not unlocked
  • Fixed issues that could cause some Brutalities to not trigger if the attack interrupts a Fatal Blow or armored attack
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Tournament Mode to become unresponsive when loading a match if Arena Select is turned off in Tournament Settings
  • Fixed rare crashes that could occur by signing out of profiles at specific timing
  • Fixed a rare issue where AI could get stuck ducking after dodging certain attacks
  • Fixed an issue that could cause edited Kontrols in a local match as player 2 to sometimes not apply until after the match is restarted
  • Fixed visual issues when a player is hit by Story Mode Boss version of Shang Tsung’s Injection
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause playback errors on Replays
  • Fixed instances that could cause visual issues, unresponsiveness, or crashes when playing various modes while the game is installing
  • Adjusted health values during final fight of Chapter 15 of Story Mode to always be at 1000 health no matter which character was chosen
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause damage scaling to reset if an opponent is hit by certain - Kameo Ambush attacks at same frame the Main Fighter was recovering from performing certain attacks
  • Fixed issue could cause follow up attacks to not be performed if you hit a Main Fighter & a - Kameo at the same time
  • Fixed rare face animation issues that could happen during Tie Round, Match Extended, or when a round win happens from a trade
  • Fixed issue that was causing long lasting visual effects (e.g. Tremor Crystal Armor) to become erroneously hidden when special cancelling certain moves
  • Fixed issue that could cause some reflected projectiles to be able to hit multiple characters
  • Fixed a rare issue where inputting a Kameo Ambush Attack & Fatal Blow at specific timing could cause an attack interruption to occur

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