LEGO 2K Drive “Drive Pass Season 3” is now available, and you can find the details and patch notes below.


Custom Rules

Custom game settings for single-player, split-screen, and Play With Friends

Gameplay settings

Health and damage settings Boost settings Race Settings: Elimination Mode Brick Brawl Settings

Part Locator: Find LEGO parts by number in the Garage

  • Displays vehicles that have the part and how to obtain it

Reverse Races: Players may now race popular races in reverse

Timed Tasks: Earn additional Drive Pass XP and Brickbux by completing daily and weekly tasks

  • Online play is required to complete online tasks

Top 100 Leaderboard: Compete with players around the world for the Top 100 MP Leaderboard

  • Accessible in the Career page

Unkie’s Emporium Surplus Viewer: Displays unclaimed parts in available vehicles


  • Updated Creators Hub Depot list to display by upload time instead for more visibility of recent player creations
  • Added more information on Unkie’s Emporium, accessible from the Home Tab
  • Added clearer messaging for Creators Hub uploading rules
  • Added clearer messaging around why submitted vehicles were rejected
  • Added clearer messaging about Driver headgear replacement in some vehicles
  • Added new icons to differentiate Drive Pass-Specific activities in the open-world gameplay
  • Added functionality to allow Split-screen players to use the primary player’s custom & downloaded vehicles
  • Added a screen detailing Heat rewards for Ranked MP
  • Added ability to adjust horn volume in MP
  • Added ability to lose points for high-ranking players to make MP more competitive
  • Players will not lose achieved ranks


  • Fixed an issue where Ranked MP Points weren’t visually increasing between lobbies
  • Fixed an issue where there are 50 duplicate wheels in Surplus
  • Fixed an issue where the player loses functionality when another player fast-travels
  • Fixed an issue where EMP Power-up fails to affect robots in Robot Invasion
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would appear when the player rejoins the same lobby
  • Fixed an issue where one player can access Brickbrawl after the second split-screen player leaves
  • Fixed an issue where OTG is not able to be completed because another player fast-traveled
  • Fixed an issue where some wheels are not equitable on the Heart of Adventure vehicle in the Garage
  • Fixed an issue where Part 32828 is unable to be placed in Vintage Car Instructions
  • Fixed an issue where Part 64448 is allowed to be placed incorrectly in Monster Doughnut Instructions
  • Fixed an issue where the player is unable to complete Steam Locoboative Instructions
  • Fixed an issue where the player can be spawned right next to another player during Brickbrawl
  • Fixed an issue where the boost meter drops after respawning in Brickbrawl
  • Fixed an issue where the middle mine shoots inconsistently in Brickbrawl
  • Fixed an issue where the player gets stuck in a respawn loop in an Immortal Coil race
  • Fixed multiple issues when the player loses functionality in the Garage
  • Fixed multiple issues when approved vehicles fail to appear in My Hub
  • Fixed multiple issues when the second player loses functionality in split-screen mode
  • Fixed crash when an offline user enters the Garage
  • Fixed crash when the player switches between favorite tabs in the Garage
  • Fixed crash when the player closes the body shop while selecting a vehicle chassis in adjust mode
  • Fixed crash when a driver and flair are both selected at the same time in build mode
  • Fixed crash when the main menu loads without adequate online connectivity
  • Fixed multiple stability issues while playing Play with Friends

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