Ida Reams, former mayor of Osceola Mills in Pennsylvania, has been sentenced to prison for both threatening and firing a gun at Pokémon GO players.

Back in March of 2022, an intoxicated Reams called 911 to complain of a pair of suspicious people in her area. Reams told the 911 operator that she wasn’t going to be harassed any longer and would “f@#$ing kill” the people if police weren’t sent to the area. Just before the call ended, two gunshots were heard over the phone.

911 also received another call, this time from one of the so-called suspicious people. They stated that Reams was not only yelling at them, but chasing them as well. As you’ve probably guessed, these two people were in the area playing Pokémon GO, but got scared off by Reams. Reams ended up following the two Pokémon GO players in her truck, which led them to food bank parking lot. This was after Reams had fired at least 5 shots from a revolver; she was arrested on the spot.

Reams was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats, and DUI. Now, a year later, Reams has been sentenced to up to one year in jail plus 18 months of probation via a plea deal.


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