Ninjala Anime Episode 98 now available to stream

The Case Files of Detective Berecca

15 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The newest episode of the Ninjala anime series has been released online, titled “The Case Files of Detective Berecca” The 23-minute episode will be available to view for free until Dec. 21st, 2023, so check it out while it’s available! A plot synopsis of the episode reads:

Berecca reads a mystery novel and discovers the thrill of solving mysteries. With Burton and Ezet, she comes across Kappei lying on his back unconscious! The moment she sees him, Berecca excitedly exclaims, “It’s a case!” and begins her investigation. Emma and Jane join them, and everyone becomes enthusiastic about the mystery. Next to the fallen Kappei, there are scattered slices of fish cake and garlic… And so, Berecca’s brilliant deductive abilities are put to the test!

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