While it took awhile, Nintendo eventually found their way to multiplayer in 3D Mario games with Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U. It’s clear Nintendo wanted to get things just right for a multiplayer setting in a 3D Mario game, but it’s not like they weren’t trying to figure things out years prior to that launch.

As you may know, Nintendo originally wanted to include multiplayer in Super Mario 64. For a number of reasons that plan didn’t pan out, so Nintendo put the idea on the back-burner for well over two decades. Over the years, dataminers have dug through Super Mario 64’s source code to find any bit they could on that cut multiplayer mode, but today brings us a quick glimpse of the mode in action.

A new video has surfaced that showcases a litany of N64 games from back in the day. This footage comes from Spaceworld 95, an event Nintendo held to showcase not just Super Nintendo and Game Boy titles in the works, but games for the upcoming Nintendo 64. The video runs through a handful of in-development N64 titles, including none other than the star of the launch lineup, Super Mario 64.

In quick segments in the clip, we get to see a brief glimpse of Super Mario 64’s multiplayer in action. In one scene in particular, you can even see Luigi as the main playable character as someone else runs around in the background. It’s very clear Nintendo had multiplayer up-and-running and in considerable fashion, but things just didn’t pan out in the end.

You can see all the gaming goodness from Spaceworld 95 in the video above, but if you’d just like to see the Super Mario 64 multiplayer portions, you can watch the clip below.

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