Any game going through localization will see some changes. There’s just no way around certain cuts, be they for text box limitations, jokes that don’t make sense in certain regions, and so on. While we all understand those cuts and changes, there are plenty of others that leave fans scratching their heads.

In the latest episode of Region Break, we get to see some of those interesting, unique and downright confusing found in the original Resident Evil. It took Resident Evil awhile to jump ship from PlayStation to Nintendo fans, but we eventually got that debut experience on Nintendo hardware, and it was well worth the wait. Now we can see just how different things were here in the states as compared to the Japanese version.

There’s going to be certain things that don’t surprise, such as the way blood and violence is handled between regions, but there are other elements that have been tweaked with seemingly no explanation. Capcom obviously had their reasons back in the day, but you have to wonder if they remember them now!

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