Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer 1P2P Studio have released Young Souls, a co-op RPG beat’em-up starring teen misfits who must save their loved ones from an army of bloodthirsty goblins. The game will normally be priced at $25, but there’s currently a 10% launch discount, so don’t miss out!

If you want to learn a bit more about what Young Souls has to offer, check out the press release below.

Young Souls follows the battles of Jenn and Tristan, twins saved from abandonment by a caring scientist, as they search for their mysteriously vanished guardian. After discovering a portal to another world and the incredibly powerful forces prowling beyond it, the twins take up arms to rescue their guardian along with life as we know it in a touching journey.

Goblin-Bashing Battles: Take down hordes of menacing minions and incredibly powerful bosses in weighty, satisfying brawling inspired by classic sidescrollers

A Narratively Rich World: Join headstrong teens Jenn and Tristan in a quest to save the person dearest to them from surreal, otherworldly evil

Gorgeous Visuals: Soak in beautiful environments while exploring a lively neighborhood and a dangerous, uncharted world

Co-Op Action: Brave battle against hordes of foes with a trusted ally in co-operative play, or go it alone as by tagging the twins in and out of battle

Hordes of Loot: Unlock and upgrade hundreds of weapons, armor sets, and accessories, establishing your own personal goblin-slaying style

Quaint Small Town Life: Meet your neighbors, hit the gym, and pick up some new kicks in town as you recover and prepare for another night of battle

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