The Overwatch 2 beta is up-and-running, and Blizzard is paying close attention to what people are saying and how they’re playing. This kind of data is absolutely invaluable, and will help Blizzard steer the sequel to its eventually release.

In a new dev blog from Blizzard, we get to hear all about how the beta is going, along with some details on what to expect in future updates. This is where we get a quick tease about shifting features for support heroes.

In particular, Blizzard states that players can expect “new and refreshed abilities for some existing support heroes,” but didn’t go into specifics on what those changes would be. Blizzard also states that there’s a chance these tweaks could be implemented into the current beta, but it’s more likely they’ll be included in the follow-up test.

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2y ago

Is this actually confirmed to still be releasing on Switch?