Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur has been updated to Ver. 1.0.5. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New content:

  • Revamped Morgana’s curse and blessing system. 20 new curse and blessing pairings have been added
  • Curses/blessings now come in pairs, offering different playstyles and greater risk-and-reward
  • Players can now see the curse/blessing effects before deciding to accept Morgana’s offer
  • Elite enemies will now appear as players progress through the game. These enemies are bigger, have more health, and have more dangerous attack patterns
  • Giants now have new additional attacks

Improvement & Balancing:

  • Percival’s sword’s last hit in a combo now inflicts the “weak” status effect • Increased Percival’s sword damage (30 to 45)
  • Increased Tristan’s sword damage (30 to 35)
  • Improved the AI behaviour of giants
  • Increased Bedivere’s “Furious Intent” attack speed (from 2% to 7% for other swords, 10% for Bedivere’s sword)
  • Increased Bedivere’s “Obtuse Cleave” radius (from 10% to 20% for other swords, 50% for Bedivere’s sword)
  • Increased Lancelot’s “Death Blow” health threshold for increased damage to enemies with low HP (from 10% to 25% enemy HP remaining)
  • Increased Percival’s “Pinpoint Attack” critical chance (from 2.5% to 5% for other swords, 4% to 7% for Percival’s sword)
  • Increased Tristan’s “Artisanal Swordplay” attack speed (from 5% to 10% for other swords, 7% to 10% for Tristan’s Sword)
  • Increased Tristan’s “Windswept Step” value (from 3% to 4% for other swords, 5% to 7% for Tristan’s sword)
  • Increased Percival’s critical damage multiplier (from 120% to 140%)
  • Increased Percival’s critical chance (from 1% to 5%)
  • Increased Percival’s base sword damage (from 35 to 45)
  • Increased Bedivere’s critical chance (from 1% to 5%)
  • Players must now hold the interact button to use fountains (community request)
  • Improved Solpion’s attack telegraph visibility
  • Improved enemy AI (ranged enemies will now keep their distance from the player)
  • Increased Road Roller’s explosion area
  • Sword experience won’t be displayed if the upgrade feature has not been unlocked at the blacksmith building
  • Increased Acidic Discharge’s poison area
  • Increase Acidic Discharge’s blessing damage (5 > 10)
  • Increased Toxic Sprout’s blessing damage (10 > 20) and poison duration (3s > 5s)
  • Increased Grail Blazer’s blessing burn damage (5 > 10)
  • Increased Poison Attack blessing poison damage (10 > 15)
  • Fixed the Violet flower buff giving 10 bonus Soul Orbs instead of the stated range
  • Fixed the cooldown duration of sword skills inaccurately displayed
  • Fixed the effect calculations for the following blessings and items: “Rupturing Cut”, “Stinger’s Chase”, “Nimble Streak”, “Ki Breathing”, “Wolf’s Dexterity”, “Devastating Rush”, “Furious Intent”, “Artisanal Swordplay”, and “Heartpiercer”
  • Fixed the effect calculations for the following items: “Wind Pendant” and “Blood Clover”
  • Fixed the descriptions for the following blessings: “Lethal Toxic”, “Volcanic Surge”, “Afterburn”
  • Collected runes are now shown on the stat window
  • “God Mode” is now displayed on the HUD when active
  • Secondary skill cooldown will now show above Arthur
  • Polished the enemy stagger bar
  • Increased text size on several UIs to improve visibility (Camelot weapon selection, Round Table blessing selection, game over, victory, and play stats screens)
  • Increased invulnerable duration after taking damage
  • Increased dodge iFrame length
  • Added additional iFrames after a successful dodge
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Fixed a bug where Arthur could get damaged after Rocknoid or Infernix attacks finished • Fixed health potion spawn chance
  • Fixed the attack speed value shown on the knight’s statue menu to accurately reflect in-game speed
  • Fixed an invisible blocker that appeared if the Forest Giant was defeated while casting root attack
  • Fixed rock enemies (Rocknoid, Rocklett, Rockling) sometimes attacking too quickly after spawning
  • Fixed rock enemies (Rocknoid, Rocklett, Rockling) getting stuck after attacking
  • Fixed Laser Totem and Hellhound attack telegraphs disappearing too quickly
  • Fixed Percival’s sword animation sometimes getting stuck if the player had attack speed blessing
  • Fixed Pincoid’s attack area differing from its telegraph
  • Fixed Beetonate’s bomb explosion causing no damage
  • Fixed Beetonate’s bomb randomly exploding while moving
  • Fixed the player being unable to pick up spirit orbs after using active skills
  • Fixed Cactopod, Cactopellet and Cactorrent not being visible behind some trees
  • Fixed Scarax still moving after being stunned
  • Fixed Hard Hit’s damage area
  • Minor bug fixes and game optimization

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