It was shocking to learn that Hideki Kamiya had departed from PlatinumGames, but that’s exactly what happened back in September of this year. Pretty much every Platinum fan was wondering why in the world Kamiya stepped down from his position at Platinum, and today we finally have our direct answer.

Kamiya has been sharing YouTube videos that hint at why he decided to call it quits at Platinum, but a new interview with IGN has giving us the first concrete answer. It’s not often you hear a big-name developer speak so freely, and while we’re sad to see Kamiya move on, it’s nice to have the definitive answer as to how this came to be. You can read Kamiya’s full response on the matter below.

My work with PlatinumGames was based on a relationship of trust with the company. I decided to leave because I felt that the direction the company was heading in was different from my beliefs as a developer. Without that element of trust, I couldn’t continue working there, and so I left, so that I could continue working in what I consider to be the right way.

I don’t think of games as products, but rather as works of art. I want to put my artistry into games and deliver games that could only be made by Hideki Kamiya, so that players can enjoy Hideki Kamiya games exactly as they are. I decided to leave the company and forge my own path, to continue making games that reflect the developers who made them.

[Hideki Kamiya]

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6M ago

Well it wasn't, very sadly, a big surprise. Very saddened to see one of my fav developers of all time going down. There are still creatives there so I'll keep my eyes on them, of course. Also very excited to see what Kamiya can do when back in action. WHat a team he can gather.

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